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Saturday, 3 December 2016

132-yr-old woman reveals Oshiomhole’s secret

…Why she wants God to take her life
…What she did when governor won election

IYAMHO— MADAM Veronica Uloko, a 132 -year-old super-
centenarian from Iyamho community, Etsako clan, Edo
State, the hometown of the outgoing Governor of Edo State,
Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has uncovered the secret of
the governor’s uncommon boldness and power.
Curiously, Madam Uloko, who is blind and can no longer
walk, wants God to take her life because of the agony she
was undergoing over the loss of three of her seven children,
especially the 73-year-old son that died in August, this year.

She spoke to Niger Delta Voice, NDV, at Iyamho through her
71-year-old son, Obanor, who served as interpreter during
the interview.
Officially, by the Guinness World Records, the oldest living
person in the world is 116-year-old Italian, Emman Morano
of Verbani in Italy.
Obanor, his son, who said his elder sister is 84 years old,
informed us that the death of his elder brother affected the
health of their mother, who does not want to live while her
children die.
Iyamho people‘re not cowards
Commenting on Oshiomhole, she said: “Our people in
Iyamho are not cowards and they live straight forward life,
they do not cheat and they are very bold people and I think
that is why God blesses us with long life and wisdom,
including Oshiomhole, in Iyamho.”
True to her words, outgoing Governor Oshiomhole, indeed,
served the state with exceptional heroism and prudence,
mouthing it all the time that he was not a coward and
would not be bullied by anybody.
He boasted that he uprooted what he described as
entrenched political godfathers in the state because God
did not give him spirit of cowardice.
One-leg dance: Madam Uloko, who is excited by
Oshimohole’s developmental strides in the state, said: “We
are happy that only one man came to rescue us, not only
our people, the entire Edo north and Edo state.
“God will bless Oshiomhole. When he was announced as the
winner, I was dancing with one leg inside because I could
not walk as an old woman.”
Prayer for Oshiomhole
“I pray that Oshiomhole will get another big appointment
when he leaves as governor. I thank Oshiomhole for what
he has done for our people, when you come to our village,
Iyamho; you will not recognize the place again, as people
continue to tell me because I can no longer see. I have
prayed for him and I will continue to pray for him because
he made our people proud,” she added.
Asked how she feels at 132 years old, she asserted: “I am
very happy that God gave me a long life, but since my son
died, I have been praying to God to come and take my life. I
cannot remain while my children are dying after getting
Gov’s mother visit
She went on: “Governor Oshiomhole’s mother came to greet
me the other day and I was happy. My father was older than
me, but I am not happy at all since my son died and I have
been weeping since then. I can no longer see well, I use to
see very well but I can no longer see well. I have seven
children, but one died three months ago, while two died
years ago. So I am not happy at all.”
Childless for 12 years
“I married at the age of 18 at Olueke. When I was at Olueke,
I spent 12 years without a child. So my father advised me
to leave the marriage since I could not have any issue with
the man. So I came back to my father’s house and spent
another four years before I met my husband that we had the
four children together.
“In fact, before I got married to my second husband, he had
nine children already with another woman. We are very
happy to have longevity in our family. People in my father’s
community, Iyamho, enjoy long life. My father was 87 years
before he died; he was the oldest man in Afowa village
before he died.
Her words: “I thank God for giving me long life and that is
all I pray for people today, but I am no longer enjoying it
due to the death of my son.”
She hates evil – son
Her son, Obanor, added: “I am the only one taking care of
her now, my wife has been sick and so, I take care of both
of them. Sometimes, her daughter that stays in Canada
sends money for her upkeep, which is what I always spend.
I just gave her afternoon food before you came. We tried to
wash her clothes today, but she said we should wait till
after seven days.
“She always plans her programme, my mother’s father was
a native doctor, and then whatever he tells you will  surely
come to pass. She was following the father, so when my
grandfather died, my mother was very close to him.
“She used to be the one carrying bags for his father and as
at then, they trek to Agenebode on foot. My grandfather
was a popular man, anybody who is very sick, they will call
him to come and heal the person. My mother will carry the
bag and follow my grandfather. If any child has convulsion,
my mother cures it.”

Obanor asserted: “I am glad we are still alive today.
My mother is a very good woman, but do not do her anything
evil. She is always praying for everybody to live longer than
her. She does not like evil and that is why she is old today.
Our eldest sister today is 84, while I am 71. So you can
see that God blessed us with age and we are grateful.”

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