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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why does singer feel underappreciated at Five Star Music?

While Kcee, the ‘Limpopo’ king held sway in the media as
the man with the golden hit songs, Harrysong does the
songwriting and A&R duties.

Harrysong is a genius, perhaps one of the most
underappreciated of our time. A true veteran, the singer,
songwriter and performer has left Five Star Music, a label
where he has flourished and grown considerably.
He isn’t leaving on good terms. What resides in his heart are
flames of animosity and rancor, which all stem from feelings
of underappreciation and disrespect.
“What bothers me is not the work, what bothers me is the
appreciation.” An emotional Harrysong told PlanetTV. “You are
helping someone that knows nothing and the person is feeling
like he is helping you, he is not even feeling, he is telling you
that he is helping you”.
Of course we all know who Harrysong is directing his ire to.
The award-winning artiste who was formerly signed to
Questionmark Records has had a successful career with
chart-topping records credited to him. A veteran, Harrsyong
has written for a long list of successful artistes, with his best
work not recorded by him.
Harrysong was signed to Fivestar Music as an artiste but he
did more than just sing. He was also in charge of song writing,
vocal coaching and music directing.
At Five Star Music, he was the king behind the king – Kcee.
While Kcee, the ‘Limpopo’ king held sway in the media as the
man with the golden hit songs, Harrysong performed the
publicly thankless but financially rewarding tasks of
songwriting and A&R duties.
Skiibii and Kcee had benefited from his profound ability to
write countless hit songs, and spin a gem out of nothing.
That’s his greatest strength. In return, Harry enjoyed the
largess and wealth that flowed from Kcee’s elder brother E-
Most of this disrespect can be traced to the first encounter
with Kcee in 2007 at a club in Surulere. Kcee was still a very
prominent member of the KCPresh group, who were on a
good run in the local scene. Harrysong meanwhile, was a
struggling artiste who just wanted to survive.
"Kcee is my brother and my friend, and we’ve been together for
like seven to eight years now.” He told Vanguard in a 2014
interview. “Like I said earlier, I met him at O’jez in Surulere ,
when he came to watch me perform at the club .
“So that day, after watching me performed, they
(KCPresh), sprayed money on me and encouraged me. I was a
nobody before he met me. He and his friends used to come
there to watch me perform .So one day, I decided to approach
them and they put me through and that is how we became very
close .”
That meeting meant that Kcee reached out to Harrysong and
he was signed after quitting Question Mark Entertainment, a
label under which he dropped his 2012 album, “Testify ”. While
Harrysong’s genius was yet to pay, Kcee was already a star.
Joining Five Star Music, meant that he was continuing that
dynamic, and tying his services to a house run by Kcee’s elder
brother, E-Money. From the help rendered to him at a club in
Surulere, to being a part of the group’s wealth and opulence,
Kcee, being human, must have seen that as an extension of
the help.
But the underappreciation and operating from a position of
lack of power has gotten to him, and he has decided to take
the walk away from the label. “You write a song for someone
and the person is telling you if I don’t sing your song you don’t
blow, it’s childishness, it’s……I don’t know” he added.
“We are unveiling a new platform; it’s a music platform not a
label, it’s a music company owned by Harrysong. It’s not
supposed to be surprising, my contract expired long time ago,
no, no, no, no, I’m not renewing”, he said.
The new platform is named ‘AlterPlate’ and it will house all of
Harrysong’s creative endeavours, and provide the launch pad
for this new phase of his career.
But there are still doubts as regards Harrysong’s new move.
According to sources, Mr Songz still has two years left on his
contract, and will have to see out the deal before he can
legally be allowed to jump ship. But no official statement has
been provided.

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