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Monday, 21 November 2016

[VIDEO] Prophet T.B Joshua SCOAN pastor blames failed prophecy on fasting and prayer of Americans

According to the founder of the Synagogue Church of All
Nations (SCOAN), God changed his Hillary Clinton
prophecy,  Watch the video on : YOUTUBE

» because of the fasting and prayers of American
Christians, all over the world.
He made this revelation during a Sunday Service, published on
his YouTube channel on November 18, 2016.
In the video, he addresses the prophecy, which he says is not
really a controversy, because "we have seen the outcome of
the election in America. Having read, you will notice that it is all
about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans."
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founder says »
At the 15th mark of the 23-minute video, he explains why the
recent United States of America’s presidential election turned
out the way it did.
“Thousands of people that heard my prophecy prayed to God,
they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy.
That a prophecy was disclosed and did not come to pass does
not mean that it is not authentic.
They know my antecedent that what I say always come to pass.
As a result, they went to God in prayer. This is the power of
prayer; it is not a crime to tell you. Look at the track record of
the person that is talking; the boat will be rocked and there will
be challenges. What else do you need? Let’s believe in the
power of prayer, " he added.
Prophet T.B Joshua also compared the outcome of the US
presidential election to a biblical story, in which Jonah's
prophecy concerning the destruction of the city of Nineveh
within 40 days was stopped by sincere prayers.
In spite of this, the pastor's die-hard followers, who stood
beside him during the backlash from social media » ,
continue to have his back.
Here are some of the comments from the TB Joshua
Ministries Facebook page.
"I watched him live on emmanuel tv last sunday,no matter what
people may say a prophet remain who he is,prophet TB Joshua
remain my mentor,my prayer partner and my only prophet
without him am nothing,blessed be the name of the LORD."
"When a Prophet speaks the wise listens and its such a pity
that some people are always looking for negatives but lm also
glad that God protects his own always,Prophet T.B Joshua is a
man of God and a mouth piece of the Almighty God."
" Prophet TBJ is a true man of God believe it or not, one day u
will believe it like or not."
However, there were a few negative comments.
"Stop deceiving yourselves...he is fake , » " another wrote,
"Clinton ddnt win, prophecy ddnt cme tru...period . » "
What do you think? Whose side are you on?

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