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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Is Davido An Average Artiste, Who Made It Big With A Lot Of Money At His Disposal?

To be able to make it big and move into the mainstream
music you need to possess at least one or two of these
qualities which are; Talent, money, swag, good voice, song
writing skill, large fanbaze and God’s favour.
These seven qualities are my holy grail for any artiste that
wants to be successful and are also what can make or mar
you as an artiste. So this leads me to asking this very
controversial question which might not go down well with a lot
of people who are his fans. The question goes, “Is Davido an
average artiste who wouldn’t have made it big if it weren’t for
the money he had to throw around in order to solidify his
name on our hearts and minds?”
Let’s take a look at his career from inception when he
released his debut single “Back When” featuring Naeto C. So
many people didn’t like the song at first when it was released
but because he was able to force it on us by paying a huge
sum of money to TV stations and radio stations to air it almost
every minute, the song got stuck in our head and before we
knew what was happening we all unconsciously began to sing
the song and then people began to fall in love with it. That is
the power of one of the 7 qualities I listed at the beginning of
my article, which is the power of MONEY.
Let’s look at it in a different angle. Would you have paid
attention to Davido’s music if you only downloaded his music
online and maybe heard or watched his music on the radio or
television just twice or thrice? Am sure your answer would be
NO. There are a lot of talented artistes roaming the street who
have very good songs and who have given little promotion for
their songs but still didn’t get the attention and recognition
they ought to have gotten.
My opinion about this topic is that Davido is not an average
artiste because if he was, even with a lot of money at his
disposal his luck would have run out a long time ago. Also let’s
not forget that he is very hardworking, always on the move
trying to put his music and name on the world map. He has 4
out of the 7 qualities or should I say my 7 Holy Grail listed
above which are working well for him and keeping him relevant
till today. Those 4 qualities he possesses are: (money, swag,
large fanbaze and God’s favour).
Many people would dispute this fact but if it was just money
then every rich kid in the country would become another
Wizkid but it doesn’t work that way. Davido’s cousins Shina
Rambo and Bred are also rich kids whom Davido invested a
lot of money in their musical career but still they weren’t able
to live up to the resources invested in them.
It’s an open question and everyone is free to share their
opinion on this topic. If you believe Davido is an average
artiste who was able to make it big because of been Omo
Baba Olowo (O.B.O). Or if you feel he is not an average artiste
who only made use of the available money to spearhead his
music career. Whatever you opinion is we would definitely love
to hear it.

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