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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Timaya’s Car Accident: Truth Or False?

What is the truth behind Timaya’s car accident? Did Timaya lie about it?

Well, the dancehall act had posted on Instagram, September 17, a picture of him examining his Bentley with a damaged headlamp and bumper. The picture came with the quote, “”Had an accident yesterday but I thank GOD nobody got hurt… blessssssss.” 

Conversely, new reports going around claim that Timaya was lying about the accident, and he was never in the car to begin with.

Olisa TV reports that a source claims Timaya’s brother was the person driving the Bentley. The music star was not in the car at all.

The source claims that Timaya’s brother was over speeding and hit a parked Toyota SUV. Luckily he was unhurt but he had to be taken to hospital. Both cars were towed to the nearest police station.

Anyhow wey e be…Timaya never said he was the one in the car, so maybe he wasn’t lying after all!

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