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Friday, 25 September 2015

Stella Damasus Has Words For Those Who Don’t Read Bible

Actress, Stella Damasus narrated her experience with a guy, who responded negatively when she talked about Jesus and the Bible. She equally dropped few words for people who don’t read the Bible.
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“I met a guy who heard me talking about Jesus and some of the things I have discovered about life through the bible. He looked at me and said he is very certain that the bible is the most boring book in the world. I asked him why he said that and this was his response;

” I find it funny that whenever I really need to fall asleep, all I need to do is try and read the bible. I suffer from insomnia, so anything that can make me sleep must be the worst and most boring book ever. There is nothing inspirational about it”.

I laughed so hard and it puzzled him. I am sure he expected me to start defending and preaching. I simply said ” you and I are on the same page because you have just proved that there is only one book on earth that gives you healing from your disorder just by reading it”.

How many books can do that? This might sound negative to a lot of our extremely spiritual brothers and sisters. Truth is I would rather have someone pick up the bible and even try to read it, whether it makes them fall asleep or not is not the issue.

At least he acknowledged that it is worth picking up. There is no way this man can say he does not remember any name, verse or story from all the times he has picked it up. How many of us even bother to pick up our bibles, even if it’s to fall asleep,” she said. 

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