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Monday, 21 September 2015

“I’ve Never Undergone Plastic Surgery” – Rukky Sanda

Nollywood actress and producer, Rukky Sanda has dismissed claims that she enhanced her curvaceous body through surgical operations.

The fair-skinned beauty rather admitted to contouring her body to look good.

Revealing her secrets to The Punch, the Dark producer said, “The truth is that I’ve never undergone plastic surgery of any kind and I have nothing against it or persons who have given it a shot. I have several fitness regimens and I also contour my body. That way, my body has a svelte outline that many mistake for body enhancement.”

Sanda, who also spoke about her love for tattoo and body piercing says she needs no artificial enhancement to satisfy societal expectations.
According to her, ‘Again, I am naturally light-skinned so my beauty regimen involves maintaining my skin tone and complexion. I am confident in my own skin and body. I definitely do not need any artificial enhancement of any sort to keep up with any societal expectations. My beauty and skin routine is pretty straightforward; I use a lot of scrub and visit the spa whenever I find the time to.’

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